Nintendo Direct Mini – March 2020

Get the most recent on video games coming this 12 months to Nintendo Change, together with Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Version, Bravely Default II, new Tremendous Smash Bros. fighters, and extra.
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50 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct Mini – March 2020

  1. The anticipation is KILLING ME FOR THE BOTW SEQUAL!!!! but, I do have a suggestion about the loading screen. It came to me in a dream, where I booted up the game, and the loading screen was a thunderstorm, and link continuously crossing the screen on his horse.

  2. Nintendo cares a lot about people and they are really trying their very best to help support everyone during the covid-19 outbreak. You don't hear certain companies doing that at all.

  3. 8:01 For those who aren't aware, that thing is a real creature. A Bobbit Worm. It's nowhere near that huge in real life, but it does exist and it hunts by essentially waiting the sand, grabbing fish, and literally dragging them down to hell.

    So yeah, the ocean is indeed full of nope, and the devs did their research.

  4. While this was a good mini direct, and it was cool seeing all these games being announced, I was kinda hoping for news on Metroid Prime 4 or the Prime Trilogy for Switch 😭

  5. Bruh like when we getting dante in smash he has 3 games on the switch already and hes the most highly requested since smash 4 people even moded him in smash 64 melee and in brawl give us damte please arms the game hasn't even be talked about since wjat 3-4 uears ago

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