E3 is Lifeless FOREVER! Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation Shifting On?

This years almost each conference is cancelled together with E3 2020, however Summer time Video games Fest seems to be filling that void. What’s surprising although is that Sony with the PlayStation 5, Nintendo with the Change, and Microsoft with the Xbox Sequence X appear to prepared to depart E3 behind. Lets discuss that.

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47 thoughts on “E3 is Lifeless FOREVER! Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation Shifting On?

  1. Yep. It would definitely be more cost efficient to not spend all that money to have a big showy performance at E3. Maybe that PS5 wouldn’t have to be as expensive as it is or would be because of extra expenditures like E3.
    Lol! Nintendo is smart. It’s not their first rodeo. They also have their own Nintendo Minutes and Nintendo Power events shown on the Nintendo Switch. Of course they don’t care about spending extra money on E3. Awesome vid as always bro! Be well!

  2. I want a combo of both. Digital and Live shows. You just can't beat that moment when keanu reeves coming out on stage and the crowd reaction. A digital show can't match that. I hope Xbox does there own Xbox XO show yearly and keep doing more Xbox 20/20 shows.

  3. Yeah, but I think I'm gonna miss the huge crowd screaming out of their lungs when the reveals happen. It just won't be the same by oneself or just close friends watching it online

  4. I've never been to E3, but I did watch it online and for the past five-ten years it became more and more meh. It has died a slow death and I'm sort of relieved to know that its finally been put out of its misery.

  5. Most of us who don't live in North America will never go to E3, or any other gaming-specific conferences in the USA. If game companies want to reach out to the entire world, of course a demo makes more sense.

  6. I had the pleasure of going in 2004 and the 2012 show under the Eidos Ambassador Program for Tomb Raider. Even had an article written. I have loved the trade shows and even in the 80's I went to AMOA and 90's to the Fun Expo. I will miss these types of trade shows.

  7. I think by 2025, E3 will no longer be a thing at all.

    It will be sad, since it was always the go-to gamers event for the year that I personally always looked forward to. That said, it is kinda obsolete in some ways, as we have Nintendo Directs, PlayStation State of Play, The new Summer Fest events and others. I would have preferred a demo of God of War instead of the E3 reveal, even though it was a memorable event full of hystrionics.

  8. Dude we are not going to get anything extra that is more money for Sony. Let's be realistic here. Look at the amount of money these developers save by not having to print and package physical copies of games. Are we getting demos or extra content from all that money they save? No we are not and we will not with this either.

  9. "The best thing that sells your project is a demo". Sorry to quote that but I feel anyone that had a ps1 knew that yet companies scrapped that. What made me love Metal Gear Solid and and other games when I was younger and am just astonished its a revelation now since with psi it was so readily available. Its also the reason I bought FF7 Remake and its already my favorite of 2020. I was sad when demos died out but I'm happy to see the comeback for them.

  10. I don't know what to feel about E3 gone, it was always the biggest gaming event only rivaled by Gamescom and TGS… Games Award is a very boring event so not excited about Geoff Keighley's Summer fest!

  11. to be honest the last e3 that I actually loved was 2006 after that it became to corporate driven and the sprit of e3 died I've been to the show almost yearly due to my time as a dev but really the last few years it felt dead

  12. E3 is so big I doubt it. However, a Nintendo direct type structure of revealing games would probably be a better marketing strategy instead of all the games of the year either being randomly and haphazardly announced or cramping all the announcments into one event.

  13. I am disappointed, because it was always tradition for me to take my summer vacation at the start of E3, watch all the conferences and and write blogs about them, and then binge gameplay videos. I mean, how awesome was it watching Breath of the Wild in Nintendo's Treehouse during E3! Yeah, we'll get our info from other sources, but part of E3 was the energy around it… and it just won't be the same.

  14. I’m actually going to miss E3. Loved watching all the recap videos and spent so many years waiting for new Final Fantasy information and announcements. I never really watched the full cringe conferences!

  15. I think this is better, since most years of E3 were only open to those "directly involved in the gaming industry", and not the general public.
    This pandemic is the final nail in their coffin, as they've clearly been on a noticable decline for a while. Nice to have better options now.

  16. shame cause iv never been to a gaming convention, been to a couple comic book ones tho, made a fool of myself in front of jeff wayne the guy who made The War of the Worlds Musical
    my wife thought it was hilarious lol

  17. If there truly is never another E3, would that make it the only annual event in history to have permanently died due to an illness?

    It's sad to see it go, but Nintendo had the right idea with abandoning the live stage event. E3 just became a vessel for unrelated advertisement and companies to use hours of time to show mere minutes of footage from actual video games. E3 slowly became less about Video Games and more about "gaming."

  18. I’m gonna miss it. A lot. Stuff like Miyamoto coming on stage with a sword and shield, Sony having Kevin Butler give a speech and sweet-tooth on stage to announce twisted metal, that weird just dance thing that Ubisoft did 2 years ago and Andrew WK performing for rage 2. Sony especially to me anyways put on the best show and it was so cool and fun to have that sense of the gaming industry coming together for a big spectacle of weirdness and fun. So yeah, I’m gonna miss it.

  19. I went to two E3's back when PS2 was big. PS3 wasn't even on the scene yet. It was 2001 & 2002. Never been back since. I not really caring if E3 is done or not. If not I'll watch it on you tube.

  20. Not to be an asshole, but you need to grow out that facial hair. You look like a giant toe with eyes. There are those that can pull off the clean look, but you are not one of those.

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