Frostbite Engine Now Supported On Nintendo Change???

Appears to be like that manner
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20 thoughts on “Frostbite Engine Now Supported On Nintendo Change???

  1. They should bring BFV and Anthem. Not going to buy the games but I'm sure there's an audience that'll love those games. We need FULL 3rd party support on Switch. Nintendo deserves to finally have full 3rd party support.

  2. Even if this is true Doctre81 I'm not convinced that EA is going to fully support the Switch. Given the company history towards Nintendo (not to mention the reputation they have earned over the years from SimCity on PC to Star Wars Battlefront 2 & Battlefield V also let's not forget there push for games as a service). But I could be wrong and that could all change but for now, I'm not seeing it.

  3. Unless this means UFC on Switch, I give zero fucks. Fuck Battlefield, fuck FIFA and Madden, fuck Need for Speed, and especially fuck Star Wars. The only way EA is getting more of my money, is portable MMA.

    Maybe a new Def Jam.

  4. Ea is always going where the money’s at and right now there is so much possible sales with the switch because of it’s fast growing user-base

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