SUPER MARIO 64 BUT IT LOOKS LIKE ODYSSEY – Tremendous Mario 64 Unreal four Remake by NimSony

At present we’re taking part in one other superb remake of SUPER MARIO 64 created within the Unreal four Engine, however this time we’re not taking part in a model by CRYZENx however as a substitute this was created by NimSony! NimSony truly used the textures of Tremendous Mario Odyssey so this seems completely lovely! Can we hit 1000 likes?
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Luigikid Gaming is an Austrian Let’s Participant that’s greatest identified for his hilarious .exe recreation movies equivalent to Sonic.exe and his LUIGIKID REACTS Sequence. Moreover, a lot of his Let’s Performs are on video games which can be associated to Nintendo, 5 Nights at Freddy’s and Undertale in addition to random scary horror video games. Subscribe at the moment to turn out to be a part of the Plumberhood!
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43 thoughts on “SUPER MARIO 64 BUT IT LOOKS LIKE ODYSSEY – Tremendous Mario 64 Unreal four Remake by NimSony

  1. These are such wastes of time. How many different “remakes” of this are there? I feel like everyone who’s downloaded an all-in-one drag-n-drop enginelike Unreal/Unity do either this or Zelda and always stop at 90 percent completion of a level, then instead of finishing it, make another level that’s also unfinished and post on YouTube. They’re all of the same level and aside from this particular one, most of them can’t even program a damn door opening animation in the castle.

    I would give credit to this one for finally programming a door to open, but it’s not a remake of the game, and like every other single one I’ve seen attempted in the past ten years, I will be impressed if the game is actually released (a single overworld connected to no other level doesn’t count as a game)

    Imagine if instead of hundreds of kids each making the overworld and single levels that don’t actually connect to each other (but exist as different “games”) go together and said, I’ll do this level, you do that level, they’ll do the other level, and so on until EVERY level is finished, then I ported I to the same game project file and CONNECTED so you can actually do things like go into paintings 👌

    Nintendo is the king of copyright strikes, take down notices, and frivolous ip lawsuits, and even they’re laughing at these videos not bothering to sue the creators for using their IP, because they know these “game designers” will never finish an entire game remake. The sad part is, if they worked together (or even if a single person/team focused on this like finishing the easy parts like basic programming for coins collected/stars achieved as most lie and just put an arbitrary number on the screen, like 15) connecting their levels together, etc. they would actually be successful and have had this remake done a year after Unreal’s last “engine” came out.

  2. Spero che i seguenti giochi nel Kindle, iPhone hd
    Rayman trilogia
    Rayman mach
    Rayman English
    Donkey Kong tropical
    Donkey Kong country
    Tom e jerry
    Crash bandicoot
    Super Mario 64 Nintendo e no ds per tutti i giochi della Disney è il mio desiderio
    Con la stessa grafica del link su YouTube
    unreal engine 4 4.20.1 super mario 64 opening demo + download link

  3. Hey there LuigiKid, big thanks for playing my game, but a few points I have to make.
    1. This is not Unreal Engine, this was made in Unity, I get a lot of people claiming a lot of incorrect things on my videos, so please change the title so that it is correct.
    2. The textures are NOT from Odyssey, I custom modelled and textured ALL of the level structure. I coded everything and animated everything myself.
    3. I will Not be working with CryzenX.
    Thank You

    NICE VID :3
    Btw this version has really good textures, minor bugs and solid controls. But i the othet game has a better shading in my opinion. THEY ARE BOTH AMAZING WE NEED A COLLAB WITH BOTH OF THE GAME MAKERS

  5. Nimsony did a good job. I really like the castle it looks nice, Mario looks nice, everything looks nice, he should make a full game but he’s not.

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