Soulja Boy Proves He is An Fool As Nintendo Smacks Him Down



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47 thoughts on “Soulja Boy Proves He is An Fool As Nintendo Smacks Him Down

  1. I'm no fan of he's but how much did he profit from this before he was forced to pull the plug. He must have known it wouldnt last and planned to sell as many as he could before Nintendo put him down. As regards to being sued, being sued is one thing actually getting any money out of him is another matter all together. Again he must have known it was just a matter of time and reaped the rewards why he could. He no way on earth thought he could take nintendo on and win. You say two scenarios either he's trolling or very very dumb?? You say every body knew, what makes you think he didnt?? He's claims that he's console wasnt going anywhere?? What did you expect him to say ?? I would say it's the third which is that he rode he's train until nintendo threatened him with legal action. How can you call him an idiot for making money ?? And judging from he's wardrobe and the car's he driving he's obviously doing ok financially. So not sure why your calling him an idiot. Makes me wonder if you are either trolling or either very very dumb !!!! Very very dumb !!!!

  2. "If we paid our teachers the same as we pay stupid, talentless musicians we'd have smarter people and less shitty music." Samuel L. Jackson.

  3. Nintendo? LOL 40 year old virgins seem to still love a company that stole their idea from hasbro. Let them go losers, they havent made a decent system since 1983. Step away

  4. Isn't Soulja Boy calling himself "Boy" racist.  Maybe he's just stupid and didn't foresee living past the grand ol age of 15.  Thought he'd be dead like his rap career.  Lmao

  5. it's funny when some people are putting on a act when they know they are on the losing side of things. trying to look all tuff and manly when in reality they are just making a huge ass of themselves and people just laugh and point fingers at them. reminds me of how small children usually behave.

  6. I've watched the game play of his console and handheld gaming system and it was horrific! It's a $20 console if that my original Atari worked better then the soldier shit boy console ! 😂 fucking Chinese junk

  7. Anyone who calls himself Soulja Boy, is automatically an idiot. Hell, anyone who calls their son DeAndre, is equally moronic. Fucking rap is the scourge of society.

    In star wars physics, a ship cannot jump to lightspeed with a large ship or planet in the way. This is true in the canon books and in no other star wars movie does a ship jump to light speed while escaping a death star. Snokes ship would surely have had a hyperdrive dampening affect if not device. Therefore Rian Johnson's move The Last Jedi can not be canon

  9. Jeremyyyyyy… com'on now… you can say the R word… we all know the R word ACTUALLY refers to people like SouljaBoy. If you feel bad for mentally handicapped people everytime you hear that word… then that means you think mentally handicapped people are retarded and thats just not cool. Its 2019 we dont talk like that no more!

  10. AS I said on the quartering…
    Nintendo has deep pockets……

    best idea is to get license for said games and make your own console with them.
    but if Nintendo says no…. well Nintendo has deep pockets and in court with them is bad idea, a really bad idea….

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