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We’re witnessing the start of a model new style, mates. We have had video games primarily based on films, tv reveals, comics and even literature; right here, although, is Battle Crab, the primary recreation ever made primarily based on an animated GIF. Sure! The favored GIF of a crab menacingly wielding a knife has been tailored right into a full-scale Change title. What’s subsequent? That sloth within the hammock with pixel-art shades descending onto its face getting a full-scale RPG? The following Star Wars recreation overlaying the adventures of that one Stormtrooper pelvic-thrusting his manner by some type of visible novel? The sky is the restrict, of us. However it’s all for nothing if Battle Crab would not stay as much as its supply materials.

The premise screams “meme recreation” fairly loudly; taking management of a crustacean of your alternative from a choice of snippy sealife, you go into pitched battle with an opposing decapod in an try and (often) flip them onto their again. Harm is measured with a Tremendous Smash Bros.-like proportion gauge, and the upper it goes the better it’s to knock over your enemy. You are not simply restricted to your claws, although; identical to within the GIF, you may wield (or dual-wield!) knives, but in addition a choice of different weapons. Nunchaku, tonfa, even a revolver. Our preliminary sighting of a crab wielding stated handgun, we’re not ashamed to confess, had us laughing so laborious we needed to pause the sport.

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The controls in Battle Crab are a nightmare, however deliberately so. The D-pad strikes your crab, with a double-tap letting them transfer quicker – generally with the help of jet propulsion. The left and proper sticks management their respective claws, with ZL and ZR punching (or utilizing the held weapon) and the bumper buttons pinching. In observe, this results in directionless flailing, with the occasional pleasant endorphin-buzz of really managing to pay money for the enemy crab.

It is truthful to say that describing Battle Crab’s core gameplay as “directionless flailing” would not precisely represent a ringing endorsement, however given the comical nature of all of it we’re inclined to pigeonhole Battle Crab alongside novelties (for need of a greater descriptor) comparable to Goat Simulator, I Am Bread or Octodad. Accounting for the truth that it is inscrutable on objective inclines us to deal with Battle Crab extra charitably. Probably the most stunning factor about it? It is truly plenty of enjoyable, regardless of the seeming lack of depth.

Helpfully, the graphics are outstanding. It runs properly, at a seemingly locked 30fps – in a recreation like this, you could possibly forgive just a few Goat Simulator-style efficiency points as they virtually develop into a part of the carnage, however Battle Crab feels well-tailored for the Change. Battles, as knockabout as they’re, have a real affect. It is an actual thrill while you handle to get your opponent caught in a claw grip, and the close-up lock-ups really feel surprisingly epic. Battles not often last more than a few minutes, which retains issues contemporary and breezy.

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There are a variety of various places during which to observe pincery pugilism, which may end up in a change of focus and “ways”, comparable to they’re. Amongst others, there is a conventional rock pool, a miniature metropolis that offers kaiju vibes to the battles, a toddler’s playroom (full with a deadly toy prepare) and a grocery store’s contemporary crab stall – upon which you combat alongside frozen crabs and might use stated corpses as a ghoulish protect towards the pincers of your opponent.

The silliness of all of it takes longer to put on factor than you’ll anticipate, helped alongside by a formidable array of unlockable crabs and weapons. In addition to the principle marketing campaign – successfully only a sequence of battles with little to no narrative thread that we may understand – there’s additionally co-op and versus, all on-line and in split-screen apart from the co-op which is online-only. It is truly this native split-screen that we had one of the best time with, as each gamers are successfully evenly-matched by the ridiculous management scheme. It is good that you may unlock new issues on this mode, however there’s additionally a store to buy new ins and outs within the marketing campaign. This selection offers Battle Crab extra longevity than it most likely deserves.

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After all, Battle Crab could be performed skilfully if you’re dedicated to studying how every thing works – it makes use of each button, stick and set off on the Change and the talent ceiling is very excessive. The sensible factor concerning the recreation is that even for those who do not care to do that, it is nonetheless enjoyable. You can put it in anybody’s palms and the weighty, freeform silliness of the play management will elicit glee.


Battle Crab is an impressively full-featured and surprisingly handsome recreation that transcends its foolish meme origins and finally ends up as one thing way more. It may find yourself a staple social gathering recreation with its joyfully nonsensical premise and well-executed crab simulating gameplay, which matches above and past what a crab-battling recreation actually must be, and we applaud it. Some novelty titles are a whole flash within the pan, however Battle Crab sticks.

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